play with
your music
Peter Gabriel Edition

Play with the Music You Love.

Fiddle with loops, time, tempo and vocals on your favorite tracks. You'll make 2-3 mixes of your very own, using the newest tools on the web. Get even closer to the songs you've had on repeat since you were 15.

Learn from a Powerhouse.

"Play With Your Music 2.0" is a nifty collaboration between

Master the ins and outs of mixing tracks from the folks at NYU's Steinhardt School of Music, and from other luminaries in the field. PWYM is produced with support from the Shuttleworth Foundation.

(Re)Mix in the Browser.

You'll be working with Soundation's web-based production environment, posting your tracks to SoundCloud's listening community, and collaborating with your peers in the PWYM Community forums. Don't worry--all you'll need to get started is a computer and an internet connection.

You're almost done!

Can you hear a piece of music and identify the instruments?

1 - Not really. 5 - I am a Maestro.

What's your comfort level using digital audio production tools, such as Audacity or Reaper??

1 - What these "tools" you speak of? 5 - Basically I'm Girl Talk.

What's your familiarity with SoundCloud?

1 - Haven't used it. 5 - More followers than Skrillex.

Who are the top 5 musical artists whose music you'd like to spend more time getting to know?