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What’s the difference between joining a cohort and starting now?

On the PWYM homepage you can choose between signing up for a cohort or starting right away on your own. The cohort model waits for a critical mass of learners to sign up and then launches a 6-week long email campaign, structuring the PWYM experience and encouraging collaboration among peers. As all of the assignments and conversations occur online, taking part in a cohort will ensure that there are other learners learning alongside you. If you’re more interested in exploring one particular element of PWYM (such as peer learning) or don’t want to wait to get started, the second option is for you. Scrolling down on the homepage, you can jump right in to any of the six creative learning modules.

How do I navigate PWYM?

Whether you join a cohort or go it alone, our community exists primarily in our discussion forum, where each module has its own category for discussion. Whether you enter the community on your own or wait for a cohort, the first stop along your PWYM journey will be the "Explore" post that accompanies each module. This post is pinned to the top of each category and introduces the module through a series of short videos and readings. From there, it directs you to the activity, where you can post your work and comment on the work of your co-learners. Additionally, PWYM utilizes other platforms such as Unhangouts and ZeeMaps to host live events, find nearby learners, and strengthen the community.

How is this different from past iterations of PWYM?

The core ideas are the same, but we’ve transformed PWYM into an entirely online community, where like-minded educators and learners from around the world can share their ideas about creative learning. We’ve redesigned the PWYM experience so that anyone (like you!) can join the community at any time. PWYM still has online seminars, suggested readings, and hands-on activities, but you can go through this material at your own pace or join a cohort. All of our materials are openly available to anyone with a computer and internet access.

How do I sign up?

Good news. There is no sign-up. If you like, you can join a cohort or register your email so we can send you community-wide announcements about upcoming seminars and activities. But you can also just follow along with the updates we will be posting in our discussion forum.

The whole idea of a sign-up is so 2013. This isn't a course, it's a learning community.

Will there be some form of certification?

No. There is no certification, no graduation, and no end date. Once you join the community, we hope you’ll continue to come back often to share your thoughts, offer feedback for other learners, and seek out opportunities for collaboration.

I don’t want to join a cohort, but I’d like to be notified of community wide announcements.

No problem! Feel free to register your email so we can send you updates about community wide seminars and activities.