Music Teacher Education Unit for Creating Online Music Videos

This "learning playlist" unit is from the NYU MusEDLab's collaboration with Evan Tobias' CITME Lab and the MacArthur Foundation designed to prepare music teacher education students to curate, critique, create, and evaluate their own online music teaching videos and criteria.

The basic steps are:

  1. Choose a partner. Each of you will each select two online music teaching videos that you consider to be particularly effective. Browse and select two online music learning videos found from YouTube or other online site that you think are particularly effective or good. Think about why you believe this. Watch and critique the videos for their strengths and weaknesses. Discuss these with your partner. Write a paragraph for each video sharing why you thought they were effective and also share the strengths and weaknesses observed, including links to each video and share with the class.
  2. Create your own music teaching video. Work with your partner to collaboratively create a 3-5 minute online music teaching video integrating the best practices you and your peers have distilled through the first part of the project. Post your video to YouTube as an UNLISTED video, and share the link to your video with the class.
  3. Add context and interactivity to your video. Visit and create a free teacher account. Watch the EDpuzzle tutorial video. Create a classroom for you and your partner. Load your YouTube video into EDPuzzle, and add interactivity and context to your video. Share a link to your EDPuzzle classroom with the class.
  4. Observe someone learning from your video. Arrange to have someone view your video and learn from it via your YouTube video or EDpuzzle class site. Video record and observe the learning process. Reflect on what went well in your pairs and share what could be improved in your video and EDpuzzle site. Share a written description of your learnings and a link to your observation video with the class.
  5. Reflect and Synthesize your learnings. Reflect on your learning and creation process throughout this unit. Synthesize your reflections into a short essay response. Draft and share revised criteria for what makes a good and effective online music teaching/learning video, and share your synthesis essays with the class.

The above module is a multi-week unit that is designed for my students to complete online. I hope it is helpful to you at this time.

Check out the original Learning Playlist at LRNG below: